Helping People is My Favorite Thing

When I fly I get everyone’s little story

Hey all I was flying into Dallas / Ft Worth airport I was coming home from Florida and I met the nicest guy on the airplane. I was coming back from a wedding of a friend of mine who lives in Florida now.

It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to and it was right on the beach. Anyway, he was going to California to “Surf in the Big Waves” he said. I guess Florida doesn’t have big waves from what he said, I guess you have to go to California to find big waves.

I have always liked the idea of surfing but I have never tried it. I even have a keyring made to look like a tiny little surfboard. The guy’s name is Steve and he was a very interesting guy to talk to and very passionate about his business which is pressure washing. I didn’t know you could pressure wash so many things. If you need pressure washing jacksonville fl go to his site, it’s pretty cool!

I thought pressure washing was for driveways but I guess you can pressure wash the whole house. He talked about pressure washing the roof and I guess that’s a big thing in Florida because the humidity is so bad that you get mold on your roof.

He says he pressure washes the mold off of the roof and then sprays some kind of mold deterrent so it won’t grow back so fast. He was very excited about it and I told him I would give him a shout out on my blog. Towing Jacksonville

He says blogs are the next big thing online. I know my blog is not popular yet but I am going to make a Facebook page about it and start promoting it so I can make a difference in the world by helping people. That’s my biggest goal is to help people. I would love to have a huge audience someday. Yes I have goals!

Always Remember Good Friends

Bob’s a Great Man!

While I love to talk about books I need to take a minute to thank a very good friend of mine Bob. Bob was essential to my starting this blog. He’s an old family friend and encouraged me to start writing instead of just reading all the time. He was a friend of my mother’s when we first moved out here.

He lived right next door to us in a trailer park we lived in. I was young, 7 years old when we moved in so I’m not sure how long we lived there but it was about a year I think. Then we move into an apartment building with a pool. Yeah! Anyway, He lives in Florida now so I don’t get to see him very often. Sometimes we just see Bob on special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. He was a very good friend to my late mother, especially through the hard times when she got laid off from the boat company she worked at. My mom was a bookkeeper.

Bob helped my mother get back on her feet again. Now Bob has a tree business in Jacksonville Florida, if you need trees cut in Jacksonville fl. Give Bob a call 904-373-9525 He cuts down trees for people and gives them the firewood. He has always been the kind of guy who can do anything. When he lived out in Nevada he cut down a bunch of trees on his property and made a log cabin! I will put a picture of the log cabin here if I can find one. It’s a really cool little cabin that makes you think you’re back in the cowboy days, or Tom Sawyer days. I am honored to call him a friend and if you need tree removal jacksonville fl go to his website. This year Bob is coming for Thanksgiving a few weeks from now. I’m so excited! I’m making a custom book mark to give to him. He’s great at telling stories about all kinds of things he’s done. I’ll try to remember the tails this season so I can let you in on the fun. Until next time adios!

Discovering New Authors

She Met Him Late In Life

I discovered books by Debbie Macomber about 4 years ago and since then have read all she wrote. She writes romance novels but I found her refreshing because she doesn’t have steamy sex scenes to carry her writing just great storylines. She includes in her books things many different people could relate to. Starting a new business, taking a chance on yourself, overcoming illness, loss, past trials, divorce, trust, and learning to love whether for the first time or all over again. These themes vary from book to book and make for some great

One of Debbie Macomber’s more recent series is her Rose Harbor series. It began with the first book in June of 2012 with, When First They Met, and now includes a total of 8 books in the series including her newest novel which came out this August 2016 called, Sweet Tomorrows. Main character is Jo Marie Rose. She met her husband late in life and they were married shortly before he was deployed on a return trip to Afghanistan. His helicopter was shot down and Jo Marie found herself a widow way to soon. She quit her job at a bank and moved to Cedar Cove, a charming island in Washington where she buys a bed and breakfast and calls it the Rose Harbor Inn after her and her late husbands last name.

Turns out this in has some special healing powers for not only Rose Marie but for her guests as well. It’s pretty cool they way she weaves the lives, problems and all, throughout her stories. Chapters bounce between Rose Marie and the other guests at the inn. Depending on the book you will read about healing, forgiveness, love lost and found again, redemption, and friendships forged that will never be torn apart. My peronal opinions here but the lady is a best-selling author so I imagine there are quite a few people who would agree with me here.

Ahh, whoever said, “So many books, so little time.” was clearly a book addict. So moving on. My daughter is in Junior High and while I like to read what she is reading to see what she is leaning about I also think of Youth Fiction like watching the occasional animated cartoon. The can just be downright fun. I mean come on, raise your hand if you are an adult that read the Harry Potter Series.

Enough said, moving on to my next author and book series review. Don’t worry I read stand alone books too, and most series books do a catch up from the past books in the first few chapters anyway. I just like to consume them all.

James Dashner wrote a series of books from The 13th Reality beginning with, The Journal of Curious Letters. A strange man shows up at a post office in Alaska with a huge box of letters to be mailed. The postman notices many strange and exotic stamps but is also handed  fat wad of $100 bills just in case more postage is needed. The man then leaves and moments later a lady in yellow arrives looking for the letters just dropped off. Nice postman lies about any curious letters and the plot suddenly thickens. Moving on many kids receive these letters from Alaska filled with riddles and a hint of adventures to come as well as a dire warning of possible death. Never fear though the kids can opt out by burning the letter and the mysterious letter writer will know. The main character is Atticus Higgenbottom better known as Tick. Smart but bullied in school he finds adventure, friends and danger along the way as new letters are delivered.

**Side note this book is also one of the listed books for Oregons Battle of the Books on the Junior High level. Not sure if other states participate in Battle of the Books but something you might want to know.

To date there are four books in this series. I am half way through the third and each new book is as good if not better than the first. After The Journal of Curious Letters, is The Hunt for Dark Infinity, The Blade of Shattered Hope, and The Void of Mist and Thunder. Never fear my friends when I finish three and four I will give you an update. All part of the service I provide.

For more about Debbie Macomber go to and for more books and info on James Dashner go to

So Many Books So Little Time

Don’t Be Afraid To Read As Many Books As You Can

Today I would guess I have read over a thousand books but I am probably being modest on the number because I have never truly counted. Like anything you do a lot the more you practice the better you get. On a slow day I might read ½ a novel but on a good day I can cover 2 and sometimes 3 books. Told you I was an addict.

Anyway, because I read a little bit of everything I wanted to share not only some personal book reviews by popular authors but hopefully introduce different authors you may never have read or even heard of. Even I, the compulsive reader that I am still stumble across author’s who have been around for a while and I just hadn’t found before now. Let the book reviews commence…

I don’t know about you but when I discover an author that has been around for a while and the book looks good I like to hit the library and find every book they ever wrote and start at the beginning. This could mean the beginning of a series or just the authors first book. Depends.

**Now if you want to find the order to read the series and they are not labeled 1, 2, 3 and so on look on the inside cover where it usually says other books by this author include and they are listed in the order written.

Where Would We Be Without a Good Book

Sometimes I Just Read


I have an addiction. It I demanding, compulsive, and has had it’s razor sharp grip on my mind since I was 11. My name is Julie Sands and I am a book addict. Scoff if you will but any true reader can sympathize. As a professed book addict, I feel that I am qualified to write this blog to the

I hope to keep you up to date on old and new books alike.

I live for fiction and scour all libraries within a 30 mile radius to my home as well as used bookstores, thrift shops (you would be amazed at what you can find sometimes), Amazon, and of course New book listings and stores.

When I was 11 I found my first used bookstore just 2 minute bicycle ride from my house. There I learned about the wonder of trade ins and the variety of books I had never seen before in my School Bookstore Days. I also learned the joys of trade-ins. Bring in books you have already read and then you get credit for new books. *Typical used bookstore trade-in credit gets you 50% off the already reduced purchase price. Sweet deal, I was in love.

It gets better. I learned that my parents and grandparents while adept at denying requests for money to get new toys or candy at the local market never thought to deny me money for books. Didn’t matter to them what I read, I was reading and that could only help me in school and later in life.

I remember a phase when I was about 12 where I worked my way or tried to through Shakespeare and classics such as Moby Dick and Great Expectations. I didn’t understand most of it but later found it a bit easier.


Of course I soon worked my way into books I found much more fun. The genres seemed endless and I wanted to consume them all. Romance, Mystery, Horror, Thrillers, and on in on. Bookstores became my candy. And whatever money I made generally went to books and books. Some girls want more clothes I wanted more books, all of them.

When I was about 16 Barnes and Nobles were popping up all over with the required Starbucks inside to enhance the book buying experience. A weekly paycheck of $300 saw at least half to books. It would have been more but I had to make my own car payment and cover gas.